Unice PCB Technologies Co., Ltd has been specialized in manufacturing printed circuits since 2005.We are located in Shenzhen with total staff of 400 people, the base of which integrates office, scientific research and production.We have the leading edge, quickly and completely customized and flexible management and manufacturing system among the peers. Facing the globel high-tech enterprises and scientific research units, we provide PCB manufacturing solutions.

The company has passed ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF16949, UL and other certifications, and introduced advanced automatic production equipment and high-end precision testing instruments from the United States, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan, which provide a strong guarantee for the formation of large-scale capacity and high-tech product quality.Product categories include: double-sided/multi-layer circuit boards, high frequency printed boards, blind/buried high density interconnection technology and special printed boards, Aluminum boards,flex and flex-rigid boards,which are widely used in automotive, medical, communications, display, digital electronic industry control and military electronics and other fields.

We believe that "Better quality is the life of company" and "Technology is the blood of company ",in order to be successful for customer,we must be an "extension of our customer" with honesty and diligence。70% of our customers are all around the world: United States, England, Germany, France and Australia.They are all deeply impressed by our professional production technology, steady quality, professional services and timely delivery.While meeting the needs of customers, we adhere to steady expansion, expand production capacity, enhance production automation, improve production technology and pursue excellence.
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